sthira sukhãsanam
The motionless and agreeable form of staying is Âsana (Yogic posture).
-the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 2.46

Yoga postures, called âsanas, exercise every muscle, nerve, and gland in the body. These postures not only stretch and strengthen the body but also work all of the internal systems as well. Not only does yoga make the bones healthier and stronger, and the muscles more flexible and strong, it keeps the body free from disease by strengthening the immune system. It increases circulation and lung capacity, drains the lymphatic system, and stimulates the glands.

One of the things unique to yoga is it not only teaches us how to work skillfully but also how to rest deeply. Yoga postures help the student to become aware of their own personal habits and to change these habits and transform them into habits which promote good health. The Sanskrit word âsana derives from the verb âs, which means "to sit," but also "to be present." The word âsana itself then continually reminds us it is important "to be present" when practicing the postures, to listen carefully to what our body is telling us, or asking from us from moment to moment.

My Standard Âsana series

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