Photo of JC at Salt Lake FanX

JC the Writer

JC started his professional writing career in 1996 as a technical writer, writing technical manuals, training documents, white papers, and help systems for companies nobody has ever heard of. He's had short stories read at local storytelling events, but he knew he'd truly arrived when his first comic book story, Cecret Slaughter, was published in 2016. He's since devoted his time and energy to new comic book stories both for Salt City Strangers and other works. Find out more about JC's comic book adventures and special appearances as a writer here.

JC the Podcaster

JC lends his voice each week to two award-winning podcasts! When it's Monday in America™ you can hear him on The World's Greatest Political Podcast™: The LEFT Show, discussing politics and current events. And every Tuesday you can hear him as the Host-with-the-most on The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast™ covering his favorite subject: Comic Books(!) and all comic book media, from movies, to TV, to the printed page! Both shows are part of The World's Greatest Podcast Network and are available on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, Google Podcast, and can be listened to directly from their respective websites. Take a listen!

Photo of JC and JM Bell podcasting

Photo of JC teaching Taijiquan

Sifu JC

JC began his combined studies of Taijiquan and Hatha Yoga in college, studying under Bill Parkinson. Bill certified JC as an instructor in 1997 and he co-founded Dragon Studios Taijiquan and Yoga. Now a private instructor, JC still "moves slowly" and "breathes deeply", and not just because of his age.