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and you can make a life.

Straight - Utah Rep
Doubt: A Parable - Utah Rep
Amadeus - Utah Rep
Grace - Utah Rep
Bob Juan Casanova - ATG
12 Angry Men - SugarFactory Playhouse
True West - Wasatch Theatre Company
Picasso at the Lapin Agile - ATG

By Scott Elmegreen and Drew Fornarola

Straight performed March 9-25 2018 at The Sorenson Unity Center Black Box Theater.

Carter also brought the play to life with precise direction. I was never bored with the action, and was pleased to see the characters move about the apartment naturally with purpose. The best plays are often those where the choices that are made are never questioned. In most productions, even good ones, there is usually still something that breaks my concentration and interrupts my "suspension of disbelief." I am pleased to admit that I was fully invested in 'Straight' from start to finish. - Tara Nicole Haas, Utah Theatre Bloggers

Under JC Carter's direction, the play's smart, millennial characters are beautifully realized by a well-balanced cast, who deliver their quick-witted dialogue — and their characters' interruptions — with authenticity. - Ellen Fagg Weist, Salt Lake Tribune

Cast and Production Team

John Valdez - Ben
Andrea Peterson - Emily
Dallon D. Thorup - Chris

JC Carter - Director
Josh Patterson - Stage Manager
Michael Nielson - Costume Design
Lee Hollaar - Lighting Design
JC Carter - Set Design
Shawn Henry - Scenic Artist

Utah Repertory Theater Company

Straight Cast

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Doubt: A Parable
By John Patrick Shanely

Tracy and Cylie Cylie Tracy and Roger Roger Roger and Cylie Dee-Dee and Tracy

Doubt: A Parable performed March 4-20 2016 at The Sorenson Unity Center Black Box Theater.

Utah Repertory Theater's intimate and stirring production—with understated, organic direction by JC Carter and an outstanding cast—is a rare opportunity for Utah audiences to experience this exceptional piece of theatre. - C.T. Lewis, Utah Theatre Bloggers

Cast and Production Team

Tracy Callahan - Sister Aloysius Beauvier
Roger Dunbar - Father Brendan Flynn
Cylie Janiece - Sister James
Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin - Mrs. Muller

JC Carter - Director
Dallon Thorup - Stage Manager
Johnny Hebda - Producer
Nancy Susan Cannon - Costume Design
Geoffrey Gregory - Lighting Design
Cara Pomeroy - Set Design
JC Carter - Sound Design

Utah Repertory Theater Company

Tracy Callahan
Roger Dunbar
Cylie Janiece
Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin

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By Peter Shaffer

Amadeus performed September 11 - 26, 2015 At the Sorenson Unity Center Black Box Theater.

All of the show’s elements are ably tied together by the show’s director, JC Carter. His positive influence on this production can be easily seen. The material could easily disintegrate if not handled carefully into a depressing or overly dark tragedy on one hand or pure unintentional comedy on the other. Instead, the production cohesively blends the tragic elements (i.e. suffering and death) and comedic elements (like the immature ramblings of Mozart) to make the audience laugh one minute then feel pity the next. - Robert Gibbons, Utah Theatre Bloggers

(JC's) vision of the ebb and flow of the story complimented it well, it even at times seemed to accentuate the multiple layers of the characters and the conflict that make this show so stellar. - Cindy and Perry Whitehair, Front Row Reviewers

WINNER Broadway World 2015 Salt Lake City Awards

Best Actor (Play) - Roger Dunbar - Amadeus

Best Play - Amadeus

Best Production Design (Play) - Amadeus

Cast and Production Team

Roger Dunbar - Salieri
Geoffrey Gregory - Mozart
Merry Magee - Constanze
Dallon Thorup - Venticello (also Kappelmeister Bonno)
Lindsay Marriot - Venticella (also Teresa Salieri)
Jeffrey Owen - Count Orsini-Rosenberg
JayC Stoddard - Baron Van Swieten
Greg Carver - Emperor Joseph II (also Valet)
Criss Roselof - VonStrack (also Cook)
Natalie Easter - Katherina Cavalieri

JC Carter - Director
Shianne Gray - Stage Manager
Johnny Hebda & Blair Howell - Producers
Anne Puzey - Music Director
Nancy Susan Cannon - Costume Designer
JC Carter & Lee Haller - Lighting Designer
James Hansen - Sound Designer
Cindy Johnson - Wig Designer
JC Carter - Set Design
Allisyn Thompson - Scenic Painter

Caitlin Rosenlof - Stage hand
Sierra DuCharme-Hansen - Stage hand
Briony Denker - Dresser

Utah Repertory Theater Company

Roger Dunbar
Geoffrey Gregory
Merry Magee
Amadeus on Stage - Photo by JC Carter Amadeus Full Cast - Photo by Shianne Gray Production photo of Mozart and Constanze

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By Craig Wright

Grace performed April 25 - May 10, 2014 At the Sugar Space in Sugar House.

There are moments in a successful theatrical production when electrifying performances take the text to somewhere so potent that you need to remind yourself to breathe…Utah Repertory Theater’s production of Craig Wright’s "Grace" finds the desperate, yearning core that makes us need to believe in something. - Scott Renshaw, City Weekly

"Grace" was unlike anything I’ve yet seen on stage. Wright’s script ambitiously tackles weighty abstractions like space and time and explores them within the context of four people’s transitioning faith. With so much on this play’s agenda, I’m still impressed at how much Wright and Utah Repertory Theater Company got right and have me thinking about the play days later. - Julia Shumway, Utah Theatre Bloggers


Emilie Eileen Starr & JayC Stoddard, Grace (Utah Repertory Theatre)

Real love isn't an easy sell for actors; it's even harder when you're trying to convey that love as something akin to a religious experience. In Utah Repertory Theatre's production of Craig Wright's Grace, Emilie Eileen Starr plays a married Christian woman who drifts away from her unstable husband and falls for her physically and emotionally wounded neighbor (JayC Stoddard). The scene in which their connection becomes evident was an electrifying theatrical moment, the emotions so raw it was almost uncomfortable peering in on something that's so pure—yet, as we know from the play's outset, can never have a happy ending.

Cast and Production Team

Johnny Hebda - Steve
Emilie Eileen Starr - Sara
JayC Stoddard - Sam
Jeffrey Owen - Karl

JC Carter - Director
Annie Brantley - Stage Manager
Robert A. Easton - Producer
Nancy Susan Cannon - Costume Designer
Emilio Casillas - Lighting Designer
Mikal Troy Klee - SoundScape Design
Kelly Donahue - Makeup and Hair Design
Ashley Ramsey - Properties Design
JC Carter - Set Design
Johnny Hebda - Executive Producer

Utah Repertory Theater Company & Around the Globe Theatre Company

JayC Stoddard
Johnny Hebda
Emilie Eileen Starr
Jeffrey Owen
Grace on Stage - Photo by Nancy Cannon Grace Production Photo Detail of Sam's scars by Kelly Donahue - Photo by Nancy Cannon

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Bob Juan Casanova
By Robert A. Easton

Bob Juan Casanova - JayC Stoddard and Alice Gonzalez Bob Juan Casanova - JayC Stoddard and Rachyl Bonell Bob Juan Casanova - JayC Stoddard and Jennifer Hamilton Bob Juan Casanova - JayC Stoddard and Lindsay Marriott

Bob Juan Casanova performed October 5-13 2012 at the Midvale Main St. Theatre

While chronologuing one's dating life has been done before, presenting the details as a memory play and breaking the fourth wall breathed originality into this production. - Julia Shumway, Utah Theatre Bloggers

Mr. Carter has a great eye for detail and I also appreciated all the little nuances he added. He shaped each scene nicely with clear arches and kept the scenes fresh. There was a natural and intimate feel in the directing style that I particularly enjoyed and he utilized the stage area well with the blocking. He was equally committed to the comedy and dramatic moments that made the piece well rounded and full of depth. - Johnny Hebda, Backstage Utah

Cast and Production Team

JayC Stoddard - Bob
Rachyl Bonell - Cute Girl
Jennifer Hamilton - Bianca
Lindsay Marriott - Rowena/Tracy/Sierra
Alice Gonzalez - First Date/Fan-Girl/Valerie/Kelmarie

JC Carter - Director
Robert A. Easton - Writer/Producer
Garrett Fairbourn - Lights and Sound

Around the Globe Theatre Company

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12 Angry Men
By Reginald Rose

12 Angry Men performed March 16-25, 2012 at the West Jordan City Hall

I appreciated that director J.C. Carter was not afraid to let characters turn their backs to the audience in a proscenium setting; there was very much a fourth wall in place, and none of the actors ever did so much as push up against it. Carter’s blocking was effective, feeling natural and unstaged. - Melissa Leilani Larson, Utah Theatre Bloggers

Mr. Carter did a phenomenal job with both the color palette and the blocking to keep the production interesting to watch... In the hands of a director who understands the pertinent themes and relevance in today’s social setting it was extremely well executed. - Erin Walton, Backstage Utah

Cast and Production Team

Dallas Erekson - Foreman
Nick Jarvis - Juror 2
Criss Rosenlof - Juror 3
Jim Schroeder - Juror 4
Bud Perry - Juror 5
Conor Thompson - Juror 6
Robert A. Easton - Juror 7
Anthony Lovato - Juror 8
David Layne - Juror 9
Allan Groves - Juror 10
John Hinckley - Juror 11
Jeff Robinson - Juror 12
Steve Hedman - Guard

JC Carter - Director
Michelle Groves - Stage Manager/Costumes
Vic Groves - Producer/Set Designer

West Jordan Community Theatre & Sugar Factory Playhouse

12 Angry Men 12 Angry Men I'll Kill Him!

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True West
By Sam Sheppard

True West True West True West

True West performed May 5-21 2011 at the Rose Wagner Center for the Performing Arts

Director JC Carter accentuates the ferocious and animalistic undercurrents of the play. The preshow announcement warns audience members not to “tap on the glass” or “feed the animals” and the set has a lip around the front suggestive of an animal enclosure. - Alex Ungerman, Utah Theatre Bloggers

Cast and Production Team

Jesse Peery - Austin
Lane Richins - Lee
Jared Greathouse - Saul
Laurie Mecham - Mom

JC Carter - Director
Sam McGinnis - Stage Manager
Jim Martin - Producer
Kit Anderton - Set Design
Megan Crivello - Lighting Design
Mikal Troy Klee - SoundScape Design
Nicole Hostetler - Properties Design

Wasatch Theatre Company

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Picasso at the Lapin Agile
By Steve Martin

Picasso at the Lapin Agile performed June 3-7, 2008 At the Rose Wagner Center for the Performing Arts

Cast and Production Team

Freddy - Robert A. Easton
Gaston - Aaron Rowell
Germaine - Chelsey Richardson
Albert Einstein - Joshua Long
Suzanne - Lindsay Marriott
Sagot - Bryan Glick
Pablo Picasso - JayC Stoddard
Charles Dabernow Schmendiman - Sam C. McGinnis V
The Countess - Angela Thompson
A Female Admirer - Lindsay Marriott
A Visitor - Josh Curtis

Director - JC Carter
Stage Manager - Delanie Tucker
Lights and Sound - Rachyl Bonell
Costumes - Linda Eyring
Production Design - JC Carter
Guest Scenic Artist - Van Tinkham
Producer - Robert A. Easton
Executive Producer - Linda Eyring

Around the Globe Theatre Company

Picasso Picasso Picasso

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© JC Carter