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I don't just design websites, I also code them*. Since this is what I do for a living, much of my work is proprietary, and a lot has been changed since I worked on it. Below is small sampling of my web work. Click on any item to see it full size.

*I am an expert in HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, and some Javascript. I have experience working with Flash, but not coding it. I am also able to work within CMS systems, but I do not develop them. I do NOT code in PHP, Java, or any other programming language.

Incidentally, this site is designed and coded by me. I used HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap 5, plus some additional jQuery and Javascript for interactivity.

OSHA Enforcement Cases
CR England homepage design
Quantum Intent homepage design
AMIT Method homepage design
Senforce homepage design
Thumbsucking Threat homepage design
Peak Food Storage homepage design
Steam Xtreme homepage design